The Movement

 #themeeyesee is a movement with the purpose of encouraging and challenging women to become the people they want to be in the new year (2016) and beyond. This is not a New Year’s resolution, but rather a public pact and declaration.
If you can see it, then you can be it.


Hers magazine and various partners are promoting this self-reflective movement that invites women of all kinds to think, tell and then tag.


  • We believe that the way we see ourselves propels us on the path to who we will ultimately become, driving our thoughts, actions, habits, and lifestyles. Thus, declaring an intention of our ideal selves can motivate us to achieve our goals.
  • As with the publication (Hers), we want women to take time out from giving and supporting others in order to refuel and reflect on their own goals, actions, and identity.
  • In an effort to evolve into their better selves, Hers wants women to invest in themselves and careers/entrepreneurial goals, using such resources as and other helpful outlets.

Think. Tell. Tag.

  • #TheMeEyeSee campaign challenges supporters to post a captioned selfie or a 30 sec. video, telling the world via the Internet what their goals are and the steps they will take to achieve these goals. Supporters should then also challenge 5-7 friends in the post to make their own #TheMeEyeSee declaration and agree to be accountability partners for 2016 to ensure their success.
  • We will feature the posts on the Hers magazine website, #TheMeEyeSee website, and social media platforms throughout the year (2016).